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Loom Monitor

Texcomp's Loom Monitor provides your operations manager with accurate on-line information to aid in quick money - saving decisions. The solution means fewer staff running your weaving operations. The user-freindly system incorporates a complete repair reporting module - customised to your requirements.

The solution comprises a microprocessor based unit that is installed on each machine. Each unit incorporates a keyboard and a display and configured to collect production data and detect stoppages. These units connect to a single central computer using wireless Radio Frequency (RF) or cables. The central computer provides real - time analysis of all data collected. The GUI software is user - freindly and provides a complete picture of your spinning section.

The solution can notify key persons of any desired information on a PC-using your existing LAN, by e-mail or even on a Pager. The solution combines robust software architecture and industrial stength hardware to scale to any requirement. The solution is easy to configure deploy, administer and use.

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  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • EEPROM technology to ensure no data is lost in the event of power faliure
  • Beam fall prediction analysis to aid in better preparatory planning
  • Provides on-line efficiency and productivity information by shift, by operator by machine.
  • Weft breakage analysis on rapier looms with position
  • Weft arrival time analysis on air jet looms
  • Warp breakage analysis
  • Automatic pick repair on air jet looms
  • Monitoring of air consumption in airjet looms
  • Monitoring loom speed and forcing stoppages beyond preset limits.


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